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Our History

Take One Productions, Inc. started as a video production company back in 1984. With employees' roots beginning in broadcast television, it was easy to translate that into video for businesses. Corporate video was in it's infancy, and VCR's were just beginning to become a household name.

After recognizing and meeting the need businesses had to communicate to customers, employees and potential clients, Take One also began to expand it's horizons in the entertainment industry. In the late 80's, tv magazine shows were very popular. Take One Productions, Inc. was called on to provide crew and production services for all the major networks and Hollywood production companies. Traveling around the U.S. and the world, shooting, directing and producing show segments became a profitable way of life.

In the early 90's business' began to change, and Take One changed with them. Big tradeshow events began to pop-up in places like Las Vegas. Videowalls were requested by customers to show-off their new products. Take One not only produced the videos on these walls, but also did the programming that made them look so spectacular.

By the mid and late 90's, the word MULTIMEDIA became a household name. By then Take One was producing not only video, but flatscreen videowalls, plasmascreen presentations and this new thing called "video compression". Now customers wanted their videos to play on their computers.

So it was a natural transition for Take One to accumulate all their years of video and film experience and combine it with the Multimedia revolution that was at hand. Software designing with video content was the next logical step. Computer generated, interactive kiosks and DVD creation was also another step into this new world of digital video.

You may ask, what exactly does Take One Productions, Inc. do? Well, we do it all. In this ever changing world of video, computers, plasmascreens, touchscreens and software, we are constantly changing with the needs of our customers to keep them on the technological "edge" to promote their business and products.

Next week…this will all be different!

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