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Post Production

Gone are the big rooms of flashing lights and whirring tape machines. Today, post production is a computer and some software. And, while anyone can buy it and read the book, Take One comes from a 30 year history of treating post as the culmination of a project. Beyond the sensibility and finesse of the edit, understand how to make effects transparent, integrating what's real and what's not, giving a project tempo and cadence, these are things that only editors who have created television and video programs  can accomplish.   It’s not an IT guy on a laptop using $200 editing software.   And it does take some hardware. That we have.

Editing Suites and Capabilities

  • AVID Adrenaline HD Non-Linear Editor with multiple Terabytes of storage and 7 realtime video channels
  • Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro Suite for audio editing and sweetening
  • Real time MPEG recorders for digital movies for your PC
  • Sorenson Squeeze for compressing video into any web or multimedia format
  • Pioneer LX-1 Dual DVD authoring station and recorder
  • DVD Duplicator for up to 100 DVD's or CD's duplicated in one day
  • Insert Audio booth
  • 3D StudioMax modeling and AfterEffects compositing
  • Render farm for lightning-fast rendering of 3D models and After Effects sequences

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