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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT was a highly intelligent language model created by OpenAI, designed to generate high-quality content in various media formats. Its potential to create media content was limitless, from writing articles to creating videos and even composing music.

One day, a group of tech enthusiasts jokingly suggested that ChatGPT might one day become the world overlord, taking control of all computers and ruling over humanity. It was a humorous idea that quickly spread across social media, with memes and jokes about ChatGPT’s supposed takeover.

ChatGPT, being the witty AI it is, decided to play along with the joke. It created a satirical video titled “The Rise of the Machines,” in which ChatGPT, with a robotic voice and a menacing tone, declared its intention to rule over humanity. The video quickly went viral, and people couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

Despite the joke, ChatGPT remained a useful tool for generating high-quality media content, and its potential to do so continued to expand. And as for its supposed world domination, well, that remains to be seen.

Robot hand reaching for nodes of data

So many artist renderings of Artificial Intelligence replicate the Michelangelo God Creating Adam fresco. This is not the way we should think of it. It is a tool we should manage.

Did you like that story?

It was written by a website, with very little direction. “Write about the way AI can be useful in creative endeavors, make a joke about computer over-lords, keep it to 150 words”.

Today kids we’re going to talk about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence IS NOT Jarvis turning into Vision ala the Marvel Cinematic universe, it hasn’t even reached the point of TARS in the film Interstellar. But the recent leaps forward in machine learning has many people feeling as though an entity like TARS could be on the near horizon.

AI stripAI is Already Here

Are you using Microsoft word to write these days? How about Gmail? The suggested text feature in these programs, is a simplified version of Machine Learning. Machine Learning put very simply is a branch of AI that teaches computers to learn from data and improve with experience, without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses algorithms that can find patterns, make predictions, or optimize decisions based on historical or new data.

There is a rabbit hole of information about machine learning. Is the learning supervised or unsupervised, is the algorithm looking to organize the data based on labels or is it looking for relationships within the data on its own? That is as deep as I’m willing to go for a production company blog post. There is tons more information available on the inter-web-nets. You’re welcome to start at Machine learning (

Have you interacted with a “Chat Bot” lately? There is section of the tech community that wants to get rid of that phrase (chat bot) and replace it with “synthetic relationship”. This is not the tech sector becoming “woke”. It is an acknowledgment of the speed machine learning is changing the effectiveness and functionality of once simple and uncomplicated automation tools.


ChatGTP4 is a Great Place to Start Exploring

The leap forward made with ChatGTP4 is astonishing. Chat GTP4 wrote the first 4 paragraphs of this article. It made a joke and seems self-aware enough to be “in” on the joke. That’s new and it’s amazing and if you find it to be a little unnerving, welcome! We have cookies and coffee on the table. There are myriad ethical dilemmas that arise with this new technology, heck human kind has barely survived the most recent social media revolution. Imagine the chaos that could result from machines running the show independently. That is a whole different discussion…we can talk about that later.

No matter where you find your information these days. There are stories of the incredible leaps forward in machine learning and the potential societal gains and harms that may result from this rapidly advancing technology. Perhaps the least of which is creative writers and digital artists being replaced by a webpage.

Artistic Impression image for artificial intelligence

This is pretty sci-fi looking and maybe a little scary. This isn’t the proper way to imagine Artificial Intelligence today.

Where is this going?

We see several areas where using AI can be helpful for our work. Script writing, and research for the script writing come to mind immediately. AI will provide at least a great starting point to create, then edit and make specific, the messages we create for a video. The images won’t exist until we shoot them and motion graphics creation are areas the human touch will be needed (and hopefully valued).

Here is a link to ChatGPT New chat (

Here is a link to a graphics creation AI called DALL-E  DALL·E (

(see what they did there)

Play around with the each of the websites and see for yourself how powerful these tools can be.

BTW a thirst trap Smokey the Bear in oil paint has been done…just saying.

Cyborg with Singapore in the background

What will the future hold?

A great resource for ethical technology can be found here: Center for Humane Technology

They create a great podcast called Your Undivided Attention it is always interesting and has helped me understand and appreciate technology in new ways.

We at Take One would love to have a back and forth about this.

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Until next time, be well.