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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

  |   Business, Photography, Technology

As a production company that’s been around over 35 years, needless to say we HAVEN’T seen it all.  That’s right.  We would normally say we HAVE seen it all, but the 21st century certainly has technological wonders that change on a daily basis.

Years ago, we would have only 1, maybe 2 cameras.  Today we have 5.  Why would we need 5 ?  Because visual communication has now become a interwoven part of our society, not only on tv but in social media, websites, mobile devices and even at gas station pumps.   There are specialized cameras for every type of visual stimulus.

Sony FS/7 on location

Take One’s cinema camera on location in Pennsylvania

For example:  Need to make beautiful cinematic images for a client’s marketing video, you need a cinema style camera.  Need aerial shots of a location ?  You need a drone.  Need to shoot in very dark scenarios and still come away with beautifully exposed video that looks like it was lit ?  You need the newest DSLR that can shoot at 20,000 iso and make nightime look like day !  OH…and you have to shoot a documentary style run-and-gun video, well a full-sized camcorder is the only answer.  This list can go on and on.

Sony A7sii rigged for location production

Take One’s DSLR on location at Shahola Falls

In our production world, times have changed and technology is constantly pushing us to ‘keep up with the Jones’ to create the amazing images that everyone expects.  We do.  THAT is one of the differences with a production company that knows how to use the latest tools, to create the best visual images.

We can’t just use the same old hammer any more.  We need a hammer that has a mobile app attached to it, that makes it hit the nail on the head every time!

DJI OSMO in action

Don’t drop that thing !