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What Should You Spend on Your Video?


A recent free flowing conversation with a buddy of ours, who  is also in the video making business, touched on this topic.  It is a question I’m sure sales and marketing professionals, corporate trainers, advertising agency account executives and project managers frequently wrestle with when the boss says “we should do some video for that service/process/product”.   Without trying to sound like dairy farmers recommending a gallon of milk with a two scoop chaser of ice cream every day for your good health, we would like to make a couple of suggestions for your consideration.

First, who is your audience?  Potential customers, existing customers, employees, industry professionals and what are their expectations? In some cases especially with “industry professionals” the video quality of the production is not paramount, blaspheme! I know. However if the video is coverage of a medical symposium, the doctors may not care what the images look like; they will care more about what their peers are saying.

If you’re reaching out to potential customers for the first time, chances are you’ll want the production value to be high, likewise any production aimed at existing customers will require a certain amount of polish.  Is the production aimed at employees? This can be tricky, depending on how the company is doing, too much production value can be viewed as wasteful. Conversely the senior management won’t want their message to look like it is produced by the admin’s daughter on her IPhone either.  

Consider also what your competition is doing.  Are they making mini epics to sell their widgets? If that’s the case, you don’t want to be rolling out with your VP of marketing standing in front of the small conference room wall with a “cable access fern” to “dress the setting up a little” when they are presenting to camera for the first time in their career.  Though if that’s what your competition is doing, hiring a spokesperson and upping the ante incrementally is a way to make your widgets look better.

At Take One Productions we’re here to make awesome videos, but with our years of experience we understand many factors go into deciding the level of the production.  We will work with you to help determine how your dollars spent with us will be most effective for you.  Not every video/commercial has a budget of 60k.  And conversely you can make a quality video for 5k.  Our more than 60 years of experience helps us determine what kind of dollars you should spend on a project.  We want you to be satisfied and feel like your foray into the world of video production effectively communicates your message to your audience.  If you’re reading this, take the next step and give us a call about your video project.

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New Videos in the Gallery


Take One World Headquaters has had a lot of activity these past few months.  There are some new videos to prove it in our gallery.

We have had a lot of fun making beautiful and creative images for our clients and feel there's plenty more beauty and creativity to go around.

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Habito! A Case Study in Making Drywall not so Dry


Working with creative people can be a lot of things, sometimes  frustrating, sometimes highly rewarding one thing it never is, dull.  Recently Take One Productions worked with our friends at Stoner Bunting Advertising, and creative writer Mark Richwine with some other some talented folks from around the area to help CertainTeed promote its marquee dry wall brand Habito. 

The project encompassed making several videos, some are to play at tradeshows and some are sales promotional tools that can stand alone.  We left no stone unturned when it came to resources used to make all the shows as engaging as possible.  Everyone involved with the project have been pleased with the resulting videos, which can be viewed in the film and video gallery and the visual effects design gallery.  The Habito project falls into the working with creative people is rewarding category.

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LLS and AOI take TOP to Tampa


In January Take One Productions traveled to Tampa, Florida to help our friends at AOI Communications make a video highlighting the importance of adhering to physicians orders when taking oral cancer therapies.    The video was produced for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for use on their website. We have enjoyed working with AOI and the LLS, on this project we made some new production friends in the central Florida area too.  There are some photos of our adventures in the recent productions gallery of us, our new friends at Lite Wave Productions and Lizette from the LLS.

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Sony FS-7 Now Carrying the Mail !


Check out the film and video gallery where there are some new recent productions posted featuring the Sony FS-7 camera and it's fantastic dynamic range , over cranking ability and general awesomeness. No extra charge for awesomeness !

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Woodstream the Makers of Nearly Everything !


If you have purchased a lawn and garden décor item from a big box hardware store or even your local independently owned shop chances are Woodstream Corporation manufactured it, just down the road in Lititz, PA. They make fire pits, garden trellis, hanging basket stands, thousands of products and scores of brands.

Take One Productions has recently worked with the marketing department at Woodstream to make online assembly training videos for some of their top selling products.  This led to a marketing video for the environmentally friendly Ecoliner hanging basket.  Take One Productions is looking forward to continuing to work with the fine team at Woodstream. 

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Sony FS-7 Enters into Production Service


Take One Productions is happy to announce the acquisition of a new hot rod camera. The Sony PXW FS-7 XDCam camera has entered into production service as of April  20, 2015.  It boasts a full frame super 35 Exmor CMOS image sensor and has 14 stops of dynamic range. That is more than the human eye people!  It has the ability to record in 4k, 4 times the resolution of HD.  The FS-7 can record motion images in 4k at 60 frames per second and can reach 180fps in high definition.  It allows for S Gammut3 Cine and S-log 3 recording.  It is a game changer.  Plus you still get our 50 plus years of shooting and editing experience with it.  We will be excited to bring this tool to bear for your next project.  Check out some photos of the FS-7 in action in the recent productions gallery.

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Fun Videos in the Film and Video Gallery


If you click here the magical internet will take you to our Video and Film Gallery where we have posted two fun new shows !  The first is a visitor safety video created for our friends at Volvo CE and how about those awesome sweeping crane shots...how did we do that ?  Give us a call and we'll tell you about it.  The other is a fun TV commercial where Bob (the Advice Guy) from Members First Federal Credit Union helps some young people succeed .  The TOP team had a great time collaborating on the shows and we hope you enjoy them too.

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HD Demo Reel Ready for Viewing


Here's the link, HD Demo to our newest Demo reel, we have been working in HD exclusively for several years now and have gathered some great footage to edit into a couple minutes of Awesome.  We made a big deal out of it when we finished it at the end of summer 14 .  We chose to leave the old demo reel on the page too because that was plenty awesome in its own right... so enjoy !


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Penn State Hershey Back Coach


Renown healthcare provider Penn State Hershey Medical Center recently commissioned the Take One team to create some videos for social media and a micro web site to help educate the public about 'back pain' - dum dum DA !   We created two vastly different video series for the project.  The first is called the Back Coach, in which sportscasters give the play-by-play and 'telestrated' tips for folks to avoid situations where back pain can be created.

Mark Cook and Bobby Spears, Jr. did a fantastic job announcing in this fun series! 

The second group titled Featured Tips, is composed of quick interviews with doctors and therapists giving advice on ways to alleviate back pain or avoid it all together.  Both series are fun and informative.  We call that an effective communications tool.  Examples of both shows are in the Film and Video Gallery.

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The Flooring Game Brings the 70's to the teens !


Recently Take One Productions teamed with Stoner Bunting Advertising, Illusion Light and Sound, Mike Silver and some of the best actors in the region to create a spoof of the hit 1970's televison show the Dating Game for Armstrong World Industries called the Flooring Game.

We used the studio space owned by our friends at Illusion Light and Sound to build a look alike set, had the talented Mike Silver gaff the show and turned some of the regions top improvisational actors like Pete Postiglione, Marion Wood and  Dan Shea loose to create a fun yet informative dealer network marketing tool. 

All the clients were pleased with the result and everyone had fun, cause that's what we do !

Photos from the shoot can be viewed in the recent productions gallery

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Take One in the Big Apple !


In January, Take One Productions worked with US Boiler to create a branding video to be played in the US Boiler tradeshow booth at the AHR show in the Jacob K Javitz center in New York City. The video is titled Unmatched Anywhere and was created to position US Boiler as the leading manufacturer of residential home heating products and high efficiency boilers in the US today.  There were more ideas and products in the video and it was a pleasure to work with the fine team at US Boiler creating a video we know they can use for years to come.  There are photos from the event in the Tradeshow gallery and the video can be viewed in the Video and Film gallery.

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Social Media


A word or three about social media, we like it.  Take One Productions isn’t active in social  media in terms of maintaining a “presence”, but our work is critical to helping our customers maintain theirs. So while you may not see our YouTube channel blowing up with hits, likes and comments, our work helps our customers’ pages do just that.

We understand how social media works and the need for quality content.  We can help a business create fun and informative content for their social pages so they can present their best image to the world through this exciting and pervasive communication tool.   In short we get it, we have all the tools, expertise and talent to make taking the content of your social media’s quality to the next level.  

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New Hotness in the Video and Film Gallery


We have recently delivered three videos for our friends at HARSCO corporation.  We have posted the video created for the "Industrial " group in our Video and Film Gallery , Check it out !

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Penn Waste and Take One Raise Recycling's Profile


Penn Waste recently teamed with us to create a series of behavior modification commercial spots designed to increase the public’s awareness surrounding the recycling of products.  Evidently a great deal more than the average joe is aware of can be recycled, items like shaving gel cans, toilet paper rolls  even the plastic box strawberries come in can be recycled rather than wind up in the land fill. The spots are hosted by Penn Waste Marketing Manager Amanda Davidson who did a fine job, and include some fun cameos from the   Penn Waste mascot “Penny” who is way cuter than you’d expect a waste company’s mascot to be.  We enjoyed working the Penn Waste team  and hope to continue to help them get the word out about environmental responsibility.  To view a couple of the spots you can tune into WGAL or WMPT or visit or Video and Film gallery.

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Take One Productions and Volvo CE win Telly Award


Two companies associated with quality win national award  voted by production professionals!

Volvo is a global company that values communications with their employees, their far flung enterprise encompasses diverse business channels. One such enterprise, Volvo  Construction Equipment  has it’s headquarters for the America’s based in Shippensburg PA.  We have teamed with Volvo’s talented and experienced communications department to create a one minute, okay under 2 and half minute, news program to keep the company abreast on the happenings of their business.  We based the show on the MTV News/ E Celebrity minute format and it works well to keep the rest of the large global company aware of the happenings in the Construction Machine business. We’re proud of the work we do with Volvo and proud to win yet another  Telly®! you can see an example of the "America's News Minute" in the Video and Film gallery.

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Take One to Produce Project Health


We are excited to partner with Penn State Hershey Milton S Hershey Medical Center and Hall Media Solutions to create a monthly public service message centered around healthy living called project health.  The spots will feature a variety of topics from winter sport head injuries to how to avoid catching "the bug" going around. The spots will air on WGAL Channel 8 and on the PSU Hershey web site.  Take One Productions is honored and excited to be involved in a project that enriches our community. There will be a link to a Project Health segment in the video and film gallery.

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Rockvale Outlets Commerical Spots


Take One Productions is pleased to have been chosen to produce Rockvale Outlet's 2012 television commercial campaign. Shot over two days on location, the spots feature talented local actress Nichole Pollard letting the viewer in on her secrets for looking great while saving money.  Our friends at Rockvale set up an ambitious schedule with their best vendors, our crew was received with enthusiasm and we were grateful for Rockvale's hospitality.  The commercial spots will be airing in Mid-Atlantic television markets in the coming months. You can see some photos from this shoot in the recent productions gallery.

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