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Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Members 1st Commercial Spots

About this project

Our relationship with Member’s 1st Federal Credit Union dates back to 2014. We began by producing a few of the “awesome” superhero spots starring the late Bob Marquette (CEO). The institution has trusted TOP to continue helping create the public face for the credit union.

The first spot highlighted the home equity loans and lines of credit offered by the credit union.  The second commercial focused on introducing the commercial loan side of their business to a broader audience. This spot introduced George Nahodil as the new CEO and featured making a hard syc studio in the credit union’s parking lot and using our circular LED light to make some interesting close ups.

We were joined on this shoot by gaffer Kevin McGlinchey, Kevin brought a great collaborative spirit to the production and always seemed to have another lighting instrument ” to you know, liven that up a little” handy.


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