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Traffic Plan Branding Video

About this project

Traffic Plan traffic control systems of New Jersey is expanding it’s operations into Pennsylvania.  We collaborated with our friends at Alpha Dog Advertising to create a clean video to use as a sales and promotional tool.

Alpha Dog had written two very strong scripts and had some very good ideas for the show. Kevin and John were able to take the AD vision and expand it to include some images to help the viewer connect emotionally to the people who do a difficult job. The collaboration process was a healthy back and forth and the show benefited from Take One’s vision and Alpha Dog’s confident decision making.

We rented a water buffalo to “Michael Bay” the streets where we would be shooting and also to make sure we had “rain” for the shot of the crew member standing in bad weather.  Graphic artist Bob Greenberg made some beautiful title pages for the shows, we are proud of our work on this show and enjoyed working with the creative team at Alpha Dog Advertising.


3 out of 5 clams


1.5 barrels  of monkeys

Sunscreen applications

infinity plus 2

Water Buffalo trailers broken


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